Welcome to the 设施 / Maintenance Department

Our Mission Statement: The 设施 office is dedicated to maintaining buildings and grounds throughout all Brookdale locations. We are committed to providing excellent service to community, staff and students.

迈克尔Naparlo临时 经理,设备操作
电话:    mnaparlo@turksiyer.com

克里斯·奥蒂斯 经理,消防安全 & 环境合规
电话:   cotis@turksiyer.com

米歇尔·Branagan 设施管理
电话:   mbranagan@turksiyer.com

维维安DeLosSantos, 行政助理设施
电话:   vdelossantos@turksiyer.com

设施 Emergencies (non-警察 related)

(不安全的校园环境, 极端温度, lack of electrical power or lighting, 泄漏或气味, 大浴室故障, 洪水, 主要的屋顶漏水, 等.)

在校园,请拨打分机. 4444年,所有的时间.

At the regional locations or from off-campus, please call .


(垃圾和回收处理, 标志, 灯泡更换, 关键请求批准, 批准的特殊活动设置, 一般维护)

已批准的请求者,请使用  www.myschoolbuilding.com

If you have a question or a problem, please call Vivian DeLosSantos at .